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Ponyriding. The ridingtour takes about 1½ hr. Only pre-booked tours. Call us at 46-709-446201 or 46-707-442060.

Discover the charm of horses and horseback riding! Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the beautiful Skåne forest from the back of a horse! If you haven't ridden before, we will provide you with assistance and we always have one leader with every pony. After your ride, experience the relaxation of taking care of and pampering the horses; brush them and braid their mane... We have horses of all sizes, from the small Shetland Pony to the full-grown horse. Give us a call and book your riding tour. We have something for the entire family.

Price: 500 SKR/person

Go with a horse-carriage through the forest.

We will go slowly through the forest affording you the opportunity to enjoy the view and marvel at the wildlife (it is very likely that you will see both elk and deer) We also offer this tour as a full-day-tour with a Guide that will learn you more about Carl von Linné. During the full-day-tour lunch and coffee breaks are included.

Price: 150 SKR/adult, 75 SKR/child or 400 SKR/family max 5 pers. (Guided full-day-tour 750 SKR/person, minimum 5 persons). The carriage leaves from Denningarums Gård at 1 p.m every day during the summer, if the weather is ok. Pre-booked tours!



We offer you both to try trot-horses and to go riding. After the drive we will have a short breake where we offer coffee/soda and a snack or just a breake before you go horsebackriding on our horses.

Price: 600 SKR/person. (minimum 5 persons)




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